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Are they trained to recognize poor security practices?
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Do you have processes and procedures in place & documented?
Can you prove your processes to a Security Auditor?


Are you keeping up with the latest advances regarding security?
Is your infrastructure outdated? Can it be adequately maintained?

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We provide extensive security expertise and oversight along the way, including a Security Analyst to perform the Redhawk Risk Assessment, a second Security Analyst to QA all assessments and assessment reports, and Project Management throughout the entire process.

Get a $2,000 Credit Toward Your First Risk Assessment.

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Why Redhawk for your IT Risk Assessment?

Our IT Risk Assessment produces practical and actionable recommendations to reduce the greatest risks to your sensitive data and systems.

Redhawk starts by defining the key concepts and information flows of your organization. Once this is completed, a comprehensive list of threats and vulnerability pairs are created and an initial risk assessment is conducted across four probability groups. This allows Redhawk to develop control recommendations for each of threat-vulnerability pairs and reduce the impact of the threat on your organization. Finally, Redhawk creates a true Residual Risk Assessment which informs you of the amount of risk or danger associated with a threat remaining after inherent risks have been reduced by risk controls.

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Why Redhawk IT Security Assessment Services?

Proven Experience

Experience is more than expertise. It means having your eyes and hands in multiple technology environments, company support of continuing education, and numerous certifications in a wide range of security practices. Industry standards for security change with technology, market demands, and shifting perceptions of risk. Redhawk security professionals are able to maintain standards that exceed the industry because security is all we do. We seriously love this stuff. Let us prove it to you.

Professional Development

Each staff member at Redhawk collaborates with management to lay out a training and development plan that fits within Redhawk’s vision and encourages him or her to cultivate a learning mindset. Ideally, Redhawk’s professional development will produce leaders within the industry by encouraging insatiable curiosity and uncompromising service.

Proactive Understanding

Trust is earned. Every engagement is an opportunity to strengthen the trust we have earned and the trust we share through mutual understanding. At Redhawk, we all play our part, but the proof is in the perception of the client. As we trust each other more and more, we become greater than the sum of our parts, and the client is served through truly dynamic insight.

Why Redhawk IT Security Assessment Services?

We provide clients with a highly adaptable and prescriptive approach to meet their needs. Rather than a hindrance to business, your compliance program will become part of a proactive strategy:

  • Gathering data regarding your information and technology assets
  • Determining threats to assets, vulnerabilities, existing security controls and processes, and current security standards and requirements
  • Analyzing the probability and impact associated with the known threats and vulnerabilities
  • Prioritizing risks to determine the appropriate level of training and controls necessary for mitigation
  • Presenting you with a comprehensive plan and estimate
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No-Risk Security Consult

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In addition, Redhawk will review risks specific to your industry:

Financial Institutions

Risks assciated with your core processing system and electronic Banking Controls.


Risks associated with your SCADA System.

The Redhawk IT assessment processes are facilitated by the Redhawk portal, which provides remote reporting and facilitates collaboration between Redhawk and your company's staff.

The portal includes the capability to securely share documentation, review drafts, and input responses to findings directly into your report.

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Don’t forget

IT Security Gap Assessment

Our Redhawk IT Gap Assessments follow a similar approach as the Risk Assessment.

We can provide a deeper technical, physical, and administrative analysis of your technical environment and the potentials for gaps in your security as they relate to FFIEC, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO 27702, FERC, and NIST frameworks.

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