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Managed Firewall as a Service

Redhawk managed firewall as a service

If you are a small to medium-sized business, you want to protect your network and all of your data with advanced security, but you may not have the budget or resources. And, you don’t want the added hassle of managing your firewall, whether it is on premise or in the cloud. This is where Redhawk Network Security can help. With Redhawk Managed Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), we provide you with better security, easier maintenance, faster deployment, and cost savings. Think of it as hands-free security.

Managed Firewall as a Service: Hands-free security for you

We do all of the heavy lifting. Your business will be relieved of the ongoing management of keeping your network security updated and running smoothly, so that you can focus on what you do best: your business. Managed FWaaS provides you with an environment that is always up-to-date and can adapt to each company’s requirements, while minimizing the time and cost needed for maintenance and configuration, according to Gartner. Investing in Managed Firewall as part of your operational expense budget will keep your capital expenses untouched.

Flexible firewall: On Premise or cloud

At Redhawk, we can provide and manage your firewalls, with flexible hybrid solutions for on-premise firewalls or cloud-based firewalls. Our network security experts can configure a firewall to best meet your requirements, including setting rules, when to override, ongoing maintenance, and responding in the event of an alert.

We can work with you to implement and manage any firewall scenario, to protect the rapidly changing attack surface. We can also provide you with the equipment to simplify management, and support it so you don’t have to, including Fortinet’s line of next-generation on-premise firewalls: entry-level appliance, mid-range appliance, high-end appliance, chassis-based appliance—or virtual/private cloud firewall.

Our differentiators

At Redhawk, we simplify your firewall management. We:

  • Own and manage the equipment, so you don’t need to

  • Install, configure, monitor, maintain

  • Manage the lifecycle: patch, update, upgrade, and oversee a technology refresh if needed

  • Provide 24x7 security expertise and alerting

All firewall engineers are backed by our compliance and security analysts.

The promise of FWaaS is to provide simpler and more flexible architecture by leveraging centralized policy management, multiple enterprise firewall features and traffic tunneling to partially or fully move security inspections to a cloud infrastructure.


Why do you need a managed firewall?

  • Keep your Internet gateway secure

  • Provide 24x7 firewall monitoring

  • Flexible and customized security to meet your requirements

  • Protect your data from hackers

  • Protect your employees from malware and phishing

  • Application control: block or limit applications to maximize employee productivity

  • Web content filtering: block access to malicious websites

  • Monitoring Internet traffic to and from your company

  • Maximize utilization with effective routing of Internet traffic

  • Increase management control: you’ll have greater control of a central security policy

  • Spare you the expense of owning equipment

Network Security: Connected and protected

The challenges of maintaining your network security have increased because the perimeter is no longer clear cut. Managing security requires more flexibility, scalability, and agility. The rise in mobile devices, applications, and employees combined with the shift to cloud-based platforms and the onslaught of threat vectors mean your firewall needs to be ready at all times.

You need help protecting your business with strong and reliable network security to secure your business and all of your assets. Your network and its security are critical so that your employees, devices, and applications are connected, accessible anytime, anywhere.

How a Managed Firewall Can Help You

  • Stops attacks before they enter

  • Comprehensive threat detection

  • Intrusion prevention

  • Web filtering

  • Anti-malware and application control

  • Protects devices

  • Secures your networks

  • Optimizes flows

  • Updated at all times

  • Enforcement of security policies

  • Reduces the time and costs required for implementing patches and updates

  • Location-independent

  • Full visibility into what’s going on

  • Eliminates the need to own equipment

  • Eliminates capital expenditures


“A more flexible approach to protecting networks is urgently needed.” - Gartner