Every company needs a comprehensive 24x7x365 cyber threat management solution

The digital world has become a scary place for companies. For many, they have to face an onslaught of real and potential threats on a daily basis—including malware, phishing, viruses and spyware—which can all jeopardize their business.

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What is Siem?

A security information and event management, or SIEM, solution provides real-time monitoring and analysis of security alerts.

The fundamental principles behind a SIEM solution are to aggregate relevant data from multiple sources or intrusion points, identify deviations from the norm and take appropriate action. This can be a caunting task to setup, tune and harness as threats and environments evolve.

we understand


  • Costly to maintain: 75% of SIEM costs are operational after purchase
  • Configuration and tuning can be a nightmare
  • SIEMS require specialized staff to maintain
  • Lack context around alerts

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A growing threat

A staggering 27 percent of IT professionals receive more than one million threat alerts daily.*

*according to a recent survey by Imperva

With malware multiplying, an increase in phishing schemes and cyber criminals taking organizations hostage, the need to be watchful and vigilant is more important than ever.

Security In The Public Cloud

What am I responsible for?

How does Redhawk make this better?

AlienVault SIEM is built for Public Cloud

by at&t cybersecurity using usm anywhere

  • Strong correlation engine to detect threats
  • Native log management for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Integrated SIEM for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Customizable rules for alarm generation and suppression
  • Out of the box integrations with firewall and other network devices
  • Cloud based intrusion detection
  • Cloud based asset scanning
  • Cloud based vulnerability scanning

Remove your blackmark from your IT audit!

AlienVault has moved up from a Niche Player to a Visionary in Gartner's SIEM Magic Quadrant. AlienVault offers a low-cost entry with more capabilities than most competitors.

Our Approach

Redhawk SIEM Onboarding Methodolgy

We offer a dynamic managed SIEM Solution, powered by AlienVault®. We can help you implement your SIEM solution and manage it every step of the way, including the “tuning” period, where we optimize alerts to your specific environment. A correctly-tuned SIEM can help find the proverbial “needle in the hay stack” and reduce the number of resources required to manage your security program and monitor threats. Redhawk focuses on three core SIEM fundamentals:

Phase 1

Installation & Configuration

Redhawk will install and configure your SIEM to begin receiving log and alert threads from all of your devices and applications.

Phase 2


Redhawk will work closely with you to tune and prioritize the SIEM alerting based on the criticality of your assets and normal behavior of your network to minimize false-positive alerting.

Phase 3

Go Live

Once the Tuning Period is complete, Redhawk will issue a go live notice and begin responding to all SIEM alerts 24x7x365. Redhawk will continue to tune out false positives and ensure actual incidents are escalated via your incident response plan.

Managed SIEM

Comprehensive and Integrated SIEM

A managed SIEM solution takes away all headaches and ensures a company gets the full value from their important investment. A properly managed SIEM solution will keep a watchful eye on all data points, look for suspicious activity, provide quick visibility and deliver fast responses to ensure timely alerts. By monitoring network traffic and threat points, a managed SIEM solution can also aggregate all logs into one source to detect and flag any type of compromise or suspicious activity, such as malware or multiple failed login attempts. What’s more, SIEM can help companies meet compliance requirements by logging events and enabling the creation of reports, which can be used to support audits and forensic analysis.

Redhawk's managed SIEM vs standard SIEM

Redhawk's Managed SIEM Solution Includes:

Standard SIEM


Brings data together from different systems throughout a customer’s IT environment into a centralized repository so that it can be analyzed and cross-referenced to provide a holistic picture of what’s happening on the network.


AV Threat Intelligence

Provides crucial context to make sense of data and understand how multiple seemingly unrelated security events are indicative of specific types of attacks


AV Automation

Allows tasks to run repeatedly to save valuable time and accelerate response efforts, which is crucial when an attack is underway.

Redhawk only features
Redhawk advantage

Continuous Training

Operators and engineers must have continuing education on your technologies, threats, vulnerabilities, and how they are exploited to establish the actual residual risk for each threat/vulnerability pair.

Redhawk advantage

Continuous Tuning

Extends the capability of existing tools to seamlessly “talk” with one another and ensure the right information gets to the right systems and people at the right time.

Redhawk advantage


Alerts from the technology need to be vetted against current vulnerabilities and have the risk rated appropriately for the correct response. Security Incidents with HIGH risk should execute the Incident Response Plan, vs. low risk incidents may just open a ticket.

Redhawk advantage

Action & Remediation

“Security Incidents” with high risk immediately execute a clients incident response plan with clear plans of action and assistance provided for remediation.

Redhawk's Managed SIEM

Post Activation

At Redhawk, we can help you eliminate the complexity and costs of managing multiple, disparate points by providing you with a unified platform that delivers all the security essentials required for effective threat detection, incident response and compliance management.