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Managed Services

MANAGED services overview

For companies needing more proactive management of resources and remediation, Redhawk Network Security offers full-service, around-the-clock management of network activity. From basic device monitoring to full security monitoring, Redhawk combines the best of breed tools in the industry with highly experienced monitoring staff to ensure your network is monitored continuously for threats.

Our service platform is summarized in the below chart:

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Managed Services Offerings

    Managed Network Services Basic Managed Network Services Plus Managed Security Services Basic Managed Security Services Plus
Availability and Configuration Backups
Firmware Management (patches and upgrades)  
VPN Management   1 2 3
Annual Firewall Failover Test  
WAN Connectivity Availability   23
Rule Management 23
Content Filter Management 23
GeoIP Exclusions and Changes 23
Gateway Antivirus Exclusions and Changes 23
Availability and Configuration Backups
Firmware Management (patches and upgrades)  
Layer 3 Routing Management   1 2 3
Port Security  
ACL Management   23
MAC Antispoofing Management 23
Security Operations
IPS/IDS Incident Management     2 3
Cisco FirePower/FireSight Management     2 3
Incident Response (Additional Monthly hours at pre-purchased discounts rates available) 2 3
Port Security  
Managed SIEM (Powered by Alienvault)      
State of the Network Meeting (Can upgrade for additional fee) Annual Bi-Annual Quarterly Monthly
    ✝ Available at hourly rates 1 Available up to 3 hours per month collectively 2 Available up to 10 hours per month collectively 3 Available up to 15 hours per month collectively

Today, networks are more complex than ever, requiring IT teams to constantly change and adapt to emerging technologies. They are required to facilitate new technologies and mobile devices while simultaneously keeping the core network safe from threats.

Redhawk has the expertise to effectively manage your network, protecting your assets from today's threats. Redhawk provides services adhering to industry standards and regulatory guidance for industries including finance, healthcare, utilities and local government. The information security standard, ISO 27002, is used to facilitate compliance along with specific industry guidance.

Remote Security Services with SecureSensor

Redhawk SecureSensor technology facilitates remote services including maintenance, configuration, incident response, vulnerability scanning and security testing. Testing helps assure that systems are updated and changes do not create new vulnerabilities. Scan observations include risk analysis with assigned risk levels and technical recommendations for remediation. Online reports provide documentation needed for compliance.

  • Network device management / monitoring / maintenance
  • Network diagrams for managed devices
  • Change control and online approval mechanism
  • Reports with history, change authorization, incidents, maintenance
  • Maintenance administration, upgrades, patches and incident response
  • Managed vulnerability scanning
  • Optional monitoring, alert and event management: 24x7x365
  • Optional performance monitoring - interface bandwidth statistics and alerts
  • Archiving of files - policies, procedures and managed service reports
  • Backup of device configurations for disaster recovery
  • Software / hardware maintenance and administration