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Managed SIEM


For IT teams with limited resources, Redhawk SIEM Solution powered by AlienVaultĀ® provides the latest in threat detection and active security event management (SIEM). Coordination of multiple data sources allows for more predictive monitoring and precise remediation.

Out of Many, One

  • Data aggregation (Log Management) - Aggregates all log data from network, servers, databases, and applications to help avoid critical events.
  • Correlation - Linking data from multiple sources to correlate events into usable and actionable data.
  • Alerting - Has the ability to produce alarms that are meaningful.
  • Compliance - Produces reports that are useful in situations where data compliance is paramount
  • Retention - Stored event data for periods of time to adhere to best practice and compliance needs.
  • Forensic Analysis - Administrators have the ability to look at historical data to reconstruct events from a holistic perspective.

Power to Your People

  • You retain access to your SIEM for your own uses
  • Based on number of devices and not ingestion rates
  • Redhawk takes on Incident Response and 24x7 monitoring
  • Redhawk has resources to assist with mitigation
  • Periodic reporting from Redhawk based on your device and audit cycles
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