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Redhawk Managed Security

Redhawk Managed Security

Investing in the security of your network inevitably means investing in people. Redhawk Network Security starts with our proven, proactive and professional network monitoring and device support services. In addition, for companies with limited IT resources, hiring a full-time Information Security Analyst or Engineer can be an important next step. Redhawk partners with our clients to provide that kind of full-time security oversight at a fraction of the cost.  

What you get is a team of security professionals at your side. Network access, business continuity, and security controls become integrated as the foundation of a more holistic and responsive security program. As a result, your company is able to make security decisions that are more direct and effective.

Redhawk invests in its people and seeks to recruit top professionals focused on secure network deployments. Redhawk believes in a robust, multi-layered defense strategy to provide security to your organization. Additionally, Redhawk is continuously vigilant in seeking new best-of-breed security configurations and deployments to ensure your business continues to evolve to new threats.
Each security engagement, no matter the scope or timing, contributes to the ongoing security partnership. For Redhawk to earn your trust, we commit to being mindful, meaningful and masterful every time.

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We listen. We care. We go beyond proof and expertise to get to the heart of what really matters to each client. How is the solution working? What can be refined? Our continuous cycle of self-evaluation helps clients to identify security procedures and manage security processes with greater awareness of overall impact to business. 


Trust is earned. In addition to identifying security vulnerabilities we seek to understand the pains and peculiarities of your network environment, especially the human elements of that environment. Managing your security program is a human endeavor, so security must be meaningful for all involved.


Redhawk continuously seeks to rise above the common experience of costly break-fix-repeat cycles. Ideally, once a security problem is solved, Redhawk assists in mastering the root causes behind it so that your business can evolve to operate more efficiently over time.